If you want to enjoy the Teide in a moment as magical as the sunset, when there is no one at the top, with our Sunset Tour you will fall so much in love with the sunset at Teide that you will wish that this experience never ends. The National Park, with the warm light of those hours, acquires special colors that allow to contemplate the landscape with some unimaginable nuances during the sunny hours.    


   This guided tour to the Teide at night includes a guided walk through the spectacular path to the Pico Viejo viewpoint. From there you will see, in the distance, part of the lava that was poured during the three-month eruptive process that took place in 1798. The guides of Volcano Life will show you all the volcanic wonders of the surroundings of this imposing path to the Mirador de Pico Viejo that, with the lights of the sunset, acquires a unique chromatic and scenic beauty.    


   From the end of the trail to the Pico Viejo Viewpoint, if the weather conditions permit, a privileged view will open in front of your eyes: the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma on the horizon and the imposing 800 m diameter crater. Pico Viejo, which once housed an impressive lake of lava, at your feet. After sunset and before you start seeing the stars on the Teide, you will have free time to eat something.    


   In addition, at night we will make an astronomical observation from one of the three best skies on the planet, together with Chile and Hawaii, from which we can observe 83 of the 88 officially recognized constellations. Accompanied by your Starlight guides (astronomical guides) and with long-range telescopes, you will discover the beauty of our sky from the Cable Car base station! You will learn how to orientate yourself by following the stars and you will enjoy glimpsing the elements of Greek mythology that hide behind the constellations.

Other Details


Transportation for small groups.

Ticket for the Cable Car at sunset for a maximum of 90 people divided into different language groups.

Spanish, English and/or German-speaking guide.

Mount Teide stargazing using long-range telescopes in the company of Starlight guides.

Cable Car at Sunset only, without transportation or astronomical observation (optional)


Not included:

A drink to toast with.

Visit of the Teide Observatory.

Guide in other language than Spanish, English or German.

Access for visitors with physical disabilities


Important information about Sunset Tour: 

This activity includes a walk of approx. 40 minutes, round trip, of medium-low difficulty, for which it is necessary to be in good physical conditions. Keep in mind that in winter's months there are more possibilities forthe Teide Cable Car to not be operational due to weather conditions. So, if the day of your Sunset Tour you could not use the Cable Car, you will enjoy the sunset at one of the viewpoints of the Teide National Park. In case the trail to the Pico Viejo Viewpoint is closed by ice or snow the day of your Sunset Tour, you will enjoy the sunset from La Rambleta and the walk will be omitted. In case the weather conditions do not allow the Cable Car to operate at sunset on the day of your Sunset Tour, we will reimburse you the amount corresponding to Cable Car's ticket.

Price List

Adults Children (8-13) Infants (NO)

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