Surf Lessons in Playa de Las Américas.

Group Lesson, Semi Private Lesson and Private Lesson, perfect for those who really want to get a deep knowledge of surfing and improve quickly with personalized tips.

Lesson duration: 2 hours and 15min. 

The price includes: Wetsuit, board, surf shoes, Recognition shirt, insurance and Instructor.

Programme: 15 min - Friends of the Ocean introduction and a brief presentation of the clients to ease/enjoy the atmosphere 10 min – Collection of wetsuits and surf shoes 30min - Theoretical explanation of surfing and description of the soon to be implemented activities in the water 5min – Pre-Surf warm up on the beach 1hr 10min - Surfing in the Ocean 5 / 10min – Post-Surf stretching on the beach 

Stand Up Paddle Lesson:

Lesson duration: Aprox 3 hours. 

The price includes: Wetsuit, board, Paddle, Snorkel, Recognition shirt, insurance, Instructor and Photo or Video of the experience.

Programme: We begin with a brief theoretical part and then move directly to the practice in the water. It is important to notice that we don’t just take care of teaching you the board control (usually it happens after 10-15 min) but we also deliver a real proper excursion which is included in the price. We will paddle all along the wild landscape to discover the astonishing seacoast with a real chance of seeing some sea animals (mainly turtles and dolphins) in their natural habitat, out of captivity. Precisely for this reason we will provide the customer with snorkelling material (mask and tube) to ensure the experience will be undoubtedly unforgettable. 

Price List

Adults Children (12) Infants (6)

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