Our transport provider (Transalex Bus S.L.) keeps us constantly informed about their protocols for the prevention of health and hygiene risks against the COVID-19.
Currently, safety measures in buses include daily disinfection with a neutral viricidal disinfectant (Viricitol ®), to which is added a disinfection with fumigation backpacks to reinforce disinfection in grab bars, seats, floors or holes where it is more difficult to clean, so vehicles are completely free of viruses and bacteria.
Other measures also include disabling the rear driver's seat and the provision of PPE for all Transalex Bus S.L team. All buses will have a manual, visible inside the vehicle, with the hygienic procedures for the COVID-19. If you have any questions or concerns about Transalex Bus or other providers, from Atlántico Excursiones we will be glad to help you.


Our guides will wear a masks at all times: their use is mandatory throughout their working day.
The guides will also carry out continuous hand hygiene, either using hydroalcoholic gel or soap and water. Also, they will avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth without a correct previous disinfection of hands; and they will avoid all forms of greeting and farewell that involve physical contact with customers.
At the customer collection points, corporal temperature will be taken to each person before entering the bus. Access to the vehicle will be prohibited to anyone who exceeds 37ºC of body temperature.
It is mandatory that each passenger keeps the same seat inside the bus throughout the excursion. It is also mandatory that each passenger bring their own mask.
On walking tours and stops where there are explanations, these will be done in open and / or wide spaces, always respecting the safety distance. The used protective materials (masks, gloves, etc.) must also be disposed of properly.
It is recommended to avoid the use of cash and prioritize the use of card or other electronic devices, preferably contactless, in payments of services (for example, prior payment through the website). In the case that cash is handled, guides must wash or disinfect their hands as soon as possible.
Before starting the tour or visit, our guides will remember all the preventive measures implemented and urge them to be carried out for the good and safety of all passengers. To those already mentioned, the following recommendations and instructions will be added:

  • Avoid touching surfaces
  • Keep the safety distance between people
  • The obligatory use of a mask by all clients
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Information about possible restrictions or regulations of the different providers (museums, natural areas, monuments, etc.).


At ATLÁNTICO EXCURSIONES we have also taken training measures for employees:
the entire team has passed a risk prevention training course for COVID-19.
Therefore, following the indications of the risk prevention course, all our staff abide by the following premises:
PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment): All Atlántico Excursiones employees have face masks certified by the European Economic Community and hydroalcoholic gels. The guides also have disposable microphone covers and non-contact thermometers.
The thermometers may also be used in the office for employees, clients or visitors.

  • GOOD ENVIRONMENTAL HYGIENE: We use, in safety conditions, authorized disinfectant cleaning products that must be used in accordance with their safety data sheets.
    We increase the cleaning frequency, especially in the areas of greatest contact. As a general rule, all the material used during the service will be disinfected once it ends.
    This also includes POS terminals; that we will disinfect after each use in which there is contact.
  • GOOD RESPIRATORY HYGIENE: As far as possible we will cough or sneeze covering our mouth and nose with our hand or with a handkerchief. If this is not possible, we will do it with the forearm sleeve or the elbow flexion. The used handkerchief will be thrown away immediately.
  • GOOD HAND HYGIENE: We will wash our hands frequently and carefully with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. This will also be so after coughing or sneezing; and before touching mouth, nose or eyes. If soap and water are not available, alcohol based sanitizing solutions will be used.